Prime Detect

Manage impairments instantly or even before they occur. NMS Prime Detect is an high sophisticated application which analyzes and interprets data. It supports the operations team in many different aspects while continually learning their decisions. The proactive failure detection recommends action instructions.

Apart from that it prepares information and displays it in many different ways.

Pro hint: It is best used in combination with Prime Monitoring to get real-time monitoring data.

Package name: nmsprime-hfcbase

Forum: Detect general


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Show your IT infrastructure in real-time in topography MAP and ERD – Entity Relation Diagram


Each manageable IT device (e.g. using SNMP) you have been installed can be added to

  1. geo map
  2. entity relation diagram
Adding your first Topography
(//)intelligent fast adding or importing of thousands of different devices using either a API or SQL
(//)Show your cable plans in geo maps combined with your realtime data gathered via SNMPKML Import


Geo Map


Customer Geo Map

Customer Geo Map
(//)Representation of all customers in topography and entity relation diagram and direct linking of customer to provisioning system

Modem geo-positioning system

  • automatic address geocoding (via OSM and google)
  • manually adaptable
Required Module: OS Provisioning
(//)automated assignment of customers into the specified networks and cluster
(//)calculation of statical modem measurement values, like upstream, downstream, CNR, numer of online / offline customers
(//)Topographical representation of all customers in a MAP



CMTS realtime analysis: and management

(//) Real-time analysis and management of any MIB parameter, like 

  • CNR
  • Input Power Level
  • Frequency
  • modulation profile
  • Active Modems, ..
  • Corrected Error, ..

You can also change editable parameters (like frequency) via GUI

CMTS Monitoring(see Prime Monitoring module)
(//)CMTS segmentation documentation: simply stay aware of your CMTS / RF conncetion plan by assigning every DS and US channel a corresponding Cluster (NetElement).

Monitoring & Real-time Analysis


Each manageable IT device (e.g. using SNMP) you have been installed can be monitored by cacti or Icinga

Icinga / Nagios

(//)Auto configuration of Nagios and Cacti from one database

Generate your own GUI's for your managable devices by using the

OS Control

OS Control


  • Cacti – Monitoring
  • Icinga – Real Time Analyses – a modern Nagios fork which addresses many Nagios issues in a better style

NMS Prime requirements