NMS Prime is the first technology and vendor agnostic software platform for ISP's. It streamlines processes with intuitive handling and takes you service quality to a whole new level.

1.1. Overview:




OS Provisioning

Fully automated provisioning and management of Modems with:

DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1

FTTH, DSL, WiFi Provisioning, via TR-69 and Radius

IPv4 / IPv6

Contract management

CPE management

CMTS management

BRAS management

Quality of Service

DOCSIS configfile generator

Domain management

OS VoIP Provisioning

Automated provisioning of DOCSIS VoIP devices with SIP

Administration of devices

OS Control

Add SNMP devices

Create GUIs for reading and writing

Add new OIDs via MIB File upload.

OS Mail

(//) Define automated email dispatch

OS BoxProvider

(uu) All-in-one network management and billing application for small community networks.

Prime Monitoring

Monitor Hardware via SNMP and TR069:

(//) all SNMP compliant devices

(//) all TR-69 compliant devices

(//) CMTS, OLT

(//) Modem, MTA, CPE

(//) Amplifiers, nodes

(//) Highly efficient SNMP poller

(//) Analysis of all important cable modem parameters

Prime Detect

(//) dashboard overview

(//) categorization and prioritization of problems according to your parameters

(//) visualization of impairments directly on the topography map

(//) technical overview with the entity-relationship-diagramm (ERD).

(//) proactively detection of possible upcoming impairments

(//) create tickets out of the dashboard

Prime Workforce

(//) prioritizes impairments and allocates field technicians in the most effective way

Workforce Map

(//) Every technician in the field (as truck)

(//) All open tickets (with a ticket symbol)

(//) All In house staff (as Notebooks)

(//) directly call technicians

(//) Link to google maps, to find the fastest route to a ticket

(//) connection between truck and ticket gets highlighted

Prime Ticket

(//) dashboard overview

(//) categorization and prioritization of problems according to your parameters

(//) Analyze occurred tickets

(//) assign tickets to any (or multiple) users of your system

Ticket receiver:

(//) mobile overview shows everything important briefly summarized

(//) Mobile native: touch optimized and swipe gestures are supported

(//) Easily accept, pause and close tickets

(//) Chat with NOC or other technicians about the ticket

(//) Quick Links to call the customer, google maps and status page of the device

(//) system notification management

Prime High Availability

(//) Secures your system with the possibility of running redundant services

(//) Run all Applications with several million devices in a highly secure, redundant, and tested manner

Prime Billing

(//) Configure product tariffs

(//) Define purchasable items

(//) Execute settlement runs

(//) Templates for invoices and letters

Prime Overdue

(//) dashboard overview

(//) Allocate corresponding transactions as liabilities

(//) Create automated dunning letters for customers having overdue payments

Prime Property

(//) Administrate your infrastructure of buildings (realty), apartments and nodes.

(//) Add other useful information

(//) cutoff list will be created that contains all the apartments that have a working connection but no valid contract

(//) Be able to charge group contracts

Prime Customer Control

(//) Enables access to the

  • call detail record (CDR),

  • invoices

  • contract details

(//) Run speed tests towards provisioning server  

Prime Dashboard

(//) Accelerate your workflow by customizing every app

(//) Visualizes and summarizes big data

Prime VoIP Monitoring

(//) Analyze the entire phone call traffic in a network.

(//) comprehensive information about every call


NMS PRIME comes with a generic API, enabling you to connect it with any other system like your lead CRM/BSS.

Prime VoIP Envia

(//) Administrate Envia contracts and orders 

(//) Porting a phone number from an existing carrier to EnviaTel

(//) Easily adding new phone numbers

(//) Phone accurate billing process, based on CDRs

1.2. Development Roadmap

1.3. Additional Information:

NOTE: English subtitles available!