OS VoIP Provisioning

OS VoIP Provisioning (nmsprime-provvoip) is the core package to bring a modems phone number – MTA – online. Its is technology and vendor agnostic, so you can provision any SIP device – DOCSIS, FTTH, DSL, WiFi, ...

Pro-Hint: It is best combined with Prime VoIP Monitoring to analyse all your VoIP calls in respect of quality ans user experience.

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SIP Provisioning


Automated Provisioning of

  • DOCSIS VoIP devices with SIP
  • FTTH VoIP devices with SIP
  • DSL VoIP devices with SIP
  • Wifi VoIP devices with SIP
Add a Phone number

Manage MTA's


Administration of multiple MTA's

Add a MTA

Manage Phonenumbers


Administration of phone numbers

  • NMS activation/deactivation dates
  • stuff related to external providers (ATM only envia TEL)
    • porting information (EKP, Carrier, subscriber)
    • TRC classes
    • Phonebook entries

DOCSIS config files(//)Create DOCSIS configfiles for any DOCSIS MTA SIP device

Create Configuration File

TR-69 config(//)Create TR-69 configs for any SIP device

Create Configuration File

MGCP Provisioning



Why we recommend moving from MGCP to SIP


NMS Prime requirements

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