OS Control

The OS Control provides an easy way to create a GUI (graphical user interface) for any SNMP- and TR-69 manageable device to manage and control your IT infrastructure, like: router, switches, CMTS, OLT, DSLAM, amplifier, nodes, UPS, and many more... You could also called a next level MIB browser enabling easy creation of GUIs.

Pro hint: It is best used in combination with Prime Detect to see your devices in real-time with in topography and relation diagrams.

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Package name: HfcSnmp


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Generate GUI(//)

Generate your own GUI's for any manageable device using SNMP

This module provides a generic approach to configure a GUI for any device using SNMP.

Provide a way to easily allow users to add new SNMP device and

Create cool and modern GUI for each device (like: Nodes, Amplifier, Router, CMTS, ..)

This GUIs can be used to read and write to SNMP Devices with NMS Prime (The SNMP Devices are called Net Elements)


This could be done by importing a MIB file and selecting which OIDs will be relevant for your GUI.

OID management(//)

Assign any HTML type element to an OID, like

(//) text field

(//) select box

(//) group box

(//) text area

(uu) slider

(uu) traffic lights

SNMP MIB GUI creater(//)

SNMP MIB GUI creater

(//) read

(//) write (write-on-diff)

(//) walk / bulk read

(//) pre-/post- sets: e.g. for enabling write access (Kathrein TVM1000)


intelligent creation of new SNMP devices with drag- and drop MIB elements


NMS Prime requirements

  • net-snmp

Additional info

Example: Kathrein ORA 9022 Manageable Optical Fiber Node

Example Interface for managing an optical fiber node