Orchestration Layer

NMS PRIME Orchestration Layer (=umbrella NMS) is the management layer for many popular, well-known, highly-tested, and worldwide used open source solutions. It is the basic package of NMS Prime and is deployed at every installation. This orchestration layer can run either as

  • on-premises / behind-your-firewall, or as
  • Software-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based solution

The orchestration layer provides the basic infrastructure for running the  ISP Application Marketplace. This Marketplace could be used to run either open source and/or proprietary applications. These applications could be native from NMS PRIME team or from any third-party vendor. Explore our Marketplace here:

  1. Community Applications
  2. Enterprise Applications
  3. External Applications

Package name: nmsprime-base

Forum: General


FeatureStateDetailsStart here..
(//)Basic Package for installing NMS PRIMENMS PRIME


Out-of-the-box Installation via

all dependencies are automatically installed!

(//)SaaS cloud capableCloud Free Trial

(//)On-prem capable NMS Prime Installation

(//)Basic GUI and a nice look-and-feel across all Applications

(//)100% open source

(//)Generic API to all its ApplicationsNMS Prime API

For Coders(//)Basic coding framework LaravelLaravel


Module, View, Controller design principle

Base MVC

(//)Authentification FrameworkAuthentication and Authorization

(//)Generic GUIGUI - Bootstrap

(//)generic database connector with migration scriptsDatabase

(//)Installation Framework which automates all dependency stuff to enable the full power of open-sourceInstall Framework

(uu)Microservice Framework to run all major services in containersMicroservice Framework