Remote Access


Full Functionality

Automatically Backup (7)

(for SLA only)

Ready to start



Required Tech-Knowledge (mostly Linux)



High Availability

>99,99% (2)


Adaptive CPU Capacity



Adaptive RAM Capacity


Adaptive Disk Capacity


Data Storage Region

  EU (5)

your location


(1). See Cloud Guidance for getting your private credentials


(3). Hosting your own infrastructure means: High Availability is your task. Depending on your infrastructure you could also reach >99,99%. How-To increase your availability by building your own Failover Architecture. We will consult Customers with a valid SLA regarding HA. 

(4). Your Task / Job.

(5). Dynamically growing regarding the actual requirement

(6). default is Frankfurt. Can be changed regarding your needs. Contact:

(7). Backup is hosted on a regional other IT infrastructure prevent that a regional lost affects your datas

(8). Mostly depening on your Linux knowledge