Prime Ticket

Tickets can be assigned to any (or multiple) users of your system. They have a priority, state, "due-to-date", assigned customer contract and a ticket type. Ticket types are used to separate different tasks / topics. The Ticket receiver ensures a seamless user experience while navigating through all the important tasks of a field technician.

Pro hint: It is best used in combination with Prime Workforce to oversee every operation.

Package name: ticketsystem

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Ticket management(//)

Create, view, edit and delete tickets for Modems, Contracts or NetElements

Create a new Ticket's

Generate different ticket types

Generate different TicketTypes

Set due dates for tickets and get reminded when ticket due date gets close


Show open tickets

Show your open Tickets

Analyze KPI’s

  • See how many tickets per TicketType are in state created, open and solved
  • See what takes how much time

Filter tickets


Print ticket summary on a sheet of paper and hand it to the team member working on the ticket


Clear visual language – identify tickets that need attention at a glance

Ticket Receiver(//)

Ticket management for field technicians


Mobile native: touch optimized and swipe gestures are supported


Easily accept, pause and close tickets


The reduced overview shows everything important briefly summarized


Chat with NOC or other technicians about the ticket


Quick-Links to call the customer, google maps and status page of the device


Never miss new tickets, by enabling system notifications


Notifications keep technicians and NOC updated about the progress of the tickets inside the system


NMS Prime requirements

Additional info

Ticket System Page in NMS Prime