Release Notes

1.1. Upcoming

1.1.1. Billing:

  • Item price can now be specified for each item individually

  • Settlementrun is now automatically validated via 2 checks

    • sum of booking record amounts must be equal to control sum of SEPA xml

    • count of non zero amount booking records must be equal to count of SEPA xml transaction

1.2. Version 3.2.0

1.2.1. New Modules:

  • Nokia Altiplano

    • L2 provisioning using Altiplano

    • L3 provisioning via ACS / CWMP

    • monitoring (online status, real time values, historical data)

  • DMS / DocumentMgmt

    • not based on LaTeX anymore → easier to adapt for customer

    • template support

    • documents can be edited in the browser

  • SmartONT

    • zero touch provisioning for Huawei OLTs/ONTs

    • can be extended to other vendors

  • Statistics

    • summary overview of numbers of customer / items / revenue

    • create your own SQL queries for custom reports

    • display results over time in diagrams

  • High Availability

    • services: DHCP, DNS, TFTP, TR-69

    • polling engine

    • further developments in micro-service architecture

1.2.2. Provisioning:

  • firmware update campaigns (updating a subset of devices in user specified time slots)

  • RADIUS: suggest IP pool to be assigned via BRAS / BNG (CPEPriv / CPEPub), instead of assigning it via NMS Prime

  • RADIUS: Authenticate devices via Agent-Circuit-Id instead of username/password

  • ACS: allow devices to be reprovisioned on-demand (without having to factory reset the device)

1.2.3. Monitoring:

  • up-/  and downstream bandwidth measurements for Commscope cable modems (using iperf)

  • Icinga alarming rollup

  • modem analysis auto-update

  • reduce load on device for SNMP controlling

  • Show TR069 CWMP protocol logs in modem analysis page according to DHCP logs for DOCSIS modems

1.2.4. Billing:

  • fix: show correct cost-center in booking and accounting record files

  • added column 'costcenter number' to booking record csv

  • Separated overdue debts import from settlement run → new menu entry in overdue debts module

  • automatic Ropa CDR import

1.2.5. Tier-1

  • new logical customizable hierarchic view and specialized tier-1 customizable UI/view

  • new system architecture

    • added polling engine Telegraf

    • highly flexible micro-service architecture 

1.2.6. Deployment:

  • NPM based deployment / removed git submodules

  • reducing size + compressing js/css/html files

  • fixing long-lasting npm production issue

1.2.7. Backend:

  • switch to postgres for whole database

  • introduce timescaleDB for high scalability

  • introduce Prometheus

  • major vue.js update

  • laravel update

  • voipmonitor update (improved stability)

1.2.8. Minor Improvements

  • speed improvements due to UI, framework and DB changes

  • small bug fixes

1.2.9. Breaking Changes environment variables:


1.3. Version 3.1.0 (2022-02-21)


  • update to PHP8

  • replace Cacti with Grafana for Modem/CPE diagrams

  • update Icinga2, Icingaweb2, Icingaweb2-Director and Cacti to PHP8 compatible versions

  • update genieACS to the latest version

  • use SourceGuardian to encrypt prime apps

  • introduce websockets for modem analysis


  • Add App overwiew: quickly see which apps are installed and which are available

  • Reworked Sidebar

    • Search and favorite your NetElements

  • Rework Tabs

  • Add Notification-System to NMS Prime

  • Improve TR069 Support

  • speed and scalabilities improvements

    • Unify the way position Data is handled internally

  • improve API responses

  • restart DHCPd less often

  • display hints if DHCP config is not valid

  • allow modem-specific options

  • a lot of "small fixes" from everyone


  • any TR069 values can be retrieved, calculated and shown in diagrams

  • PHY values (US/DS power, SNR) of TR069 devices shown and colorized on map (with user definable thresholds)

  • introduce highly scalable rust-based modemparser for both DOCSIS and TR069 devices

  • user definable grafana dashboards / diagrams

  • cache DNS queries


  • Rewrite Map Engine

    • use Leaflet instead of openlayers as underlying library

    • use webgl to improve performance of maps

    • colorization of non-docsis devices on topography

    • Support for HereMaps, (update Google Maps and OSM integration)

  • D3.1 with OFDM monitoring

  • Improve FTTH and DSL Monitoring

  • vicinity graph added for non-remote controllable amplifiers

  • New ERD (accessible via toggle switch)

    • improve ERD logic to improve load times and show intermediate elements consistently


  • show Tickets and connect them with the Truck/User that is assigned

  • get directions to a ticket


  • Tickets must be connected to a Model of the system

  • Add TicketReceiver

Overdue Debts:

  • Increase MT940 compatibility

  • Improve Debt calculation


  • topography displayed using WebGL where possible

  • select fields retrieved via AJAX (paginated)

  • modem positioning rules vastly improved

  • introduce asynchronous CMTS poller for retrieving modem US SNR values

  • introduce many background jobs and different priority queues → GUI won't block

1.4. Version 3.0.0 (2021-03-16)

There are breaking changes to the API v0. Please check out our API documentation!

  • IPv6 provisioning of cable modems

  • bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Update to PHP 7.3 and Laravel 6.0

  • user defined logos

  • unified API response

The following features are only available with the enterprise version! Have a look at our news page.

1.5. Search stuff by yourself

# show all commits from now until version 3.0.0 git shortlog 3.0.0..HEAD # show all merges (merged pull requests) from now until version 3.0.0 git shortlog 3.0.0..HEAD | grep Merge

1.6. Statistics

# show numbers of commits git shortlog 3.0.0..HEAD | wc -l # show number of changed files and insertions / deletions git diff --shortstat 3.0.0..HEAD