Login via SSH

SSH connections is only required (later) for adding a CMTS-Tunnel OR if you want to make deeper changes towards NMS Prime instance .

If you want to login via SSH please unzip the nmsprime.zip which you got through email after creating your NMS Prime cloud instance.

Linux Users

Open a terminal in the folder where you extracted the zip and run the following commands:

SSH login
ssh -i your-key-file centos@your-nmsprime-vm-address

Make sure to input the name of your-key-file (which has the format like key-for-nmsprime_YYYmmddHHiiss) and also insert your-nmsprime-vm-address (which has the format like abcdefgh.vm.nmsprime.com).

Windows Users

A good way to use SSH on windows is to download "Putty".

After starting putty input the address for your NMS Prime cloud instance in the addressfield and also input a connection name.

Then you can click on Connection > Data on the left side and set the loginname to "centos".

Next click on Connection > SSH > Auth on the left and select your SSH private key file by clicking on the Browse-Button.

After this is done click on Session at the top left and press the Save-Button.

For connecting to your NMS Prime cloud instance click on "Open".

SSH root user

To get the SSH root user you need to login as your normal user and then use the following command:

sudo su -

 Feel free to contact us: support@nmsprime.com Also for more support you can buy an SLA.